e-Book Telephony Management: How to Adopt and Reduce Costs

Many companies do not know how to properly manage telecom costs and need to find solutions that save money

Telephony is often one of the main factors of a company’s high costs for a number of reasons. Among them, we can highlight the knowledge lack about the contracts made with the operators; the control lack over invoice payments and the policies lack to use telecom resources.

These are reasons that usually reveal telephony resources poor management, causing the organization to pay more than it should. Therefore, it is necessary to make an in-depth evaluation of the contracted resources.

In the e-book Telephony Management: How to adopt and reduce costs in your company, by Luciele Ceconello, Nap IT Project Manager, you will know how TEM methodology (Telecom Expenses Management) can help a company optimize your telephony costs, improving processes without impacting business.

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