25% of the Billing related to the Services Export? Know Mariana Jaymes’ work

Female power sees no frontiers and has no trouble expanding its business into other markets: this is Mariana Jaymes’ work, Nap IT account manager

The Women look is always a valuable differential when managing a plan full of details. Imagine, then, if the action is leading an operation expansion work, seeking business opportunities around the world? Without a doubt, it is where the feminine sensibility can be even more important: an example of it is Mariana Jaymes’ work, account manager specialized in Nap IT large projects management, which since 2016 beginning has been active with the Company’s Services Export actions leverage mission.

Graduated in foreign trade and passing through prominent international companies such as the French Orange, Mariana combines solid technical expertise in sales and service to support and manage new projects abroad. She was also responsible for closing Nap IT’s first export work on a US $1.7 million notice.

Objectives and awards

Directly responsible for supporting the Nap IT consolidation in its global presence planning, Mariana’s main objective is to reinforce the company’s participation processes, making the operation increasingly capable of meeting the different competition stages for international business. The idea, even for this year, is that the Mariana’s sector represents approximately 25% of the total turnover of the company.

Another goal to be highlighted, in this scenario, is the work around large accounts, stimulating the company’s full service to various segments and sizes clients. This effort, for example, has already generated results, such as the award granted to Nap IT by Comstor Brasil, due to a license agreement renewal of the platform SMARTNet, Cisco, and which was supervised by Mariana.

Experience and Sensitivity

Being at this process forefront, Mariana accumulates experience in managing large accounts, always with specific support to the acting strategy with clients. “I have five-year-experience in the commercial area, managing high-value accounts and being part of teams responsible for strategic actions”, says the expert.

During this time, the professional consolidated some ideas about the business and IT scenario: “I believe our great goal is to optimize the client environment in a healthy way. We have to see what the company sometimes can not identify, and always suggest the best solution. That is, we must understand the client’s pain and present an improvement plan to make the crisis an opportunity to reduce costs through our options”, she said.

Such conduct, however, requires much observation and sensitivity to show in practice each offer advantages. “The market often still sees technology as a cost. Changing this vision is one of our main challenges: we must present all the benefits we can bring to a company, making it clear how this “investment” will bring countless savings to different departments”, explains Mariana.

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