3 Problems that may harm your Corporate Wireless

See how Planning Errors, Equipment Excess, and Lack of Configuration can lead to problems with Corporate Wireless

Is your network sometimes slow or hang? It is a sign that something more serious may be about to happen, you know. So it’s time to analyze the environment and identify the issues that can harm your corporate Wireless.

There are several possible failures and origins – and so it is always good to investigate. Slow down, for example, can come from several network infrastructure points. But to facilitate your search, we highlight 3 possible causes. See also:

Lack of planning

In a wireless network, slowdowns, falls and access failures can be generated by poor scaling or wireless equipment positioning. This challenge ends up generating shadow areas, interference and lack of power, among others.

So it is true that simply moving the antenna or the Access Point (or removing barriers) can solve the Wi-Fi loss or low-signal issue. But it is easier to avoid it with an environmental analysis, with the network planning!

Lapsed or incompatible equipment

In order to improve the environment, in many cases, the user decides to buy a new Access Point. This, however, can make the situation worse! Not always the installed devices are compatible with each other and, in addition, it is possible that switches and VPNs are out of phase.

Identifying these issues and solving them with the least impact on operations requires technical expertise from the in-house IT or technology company. Sluggishness results in rework, delayed reporting and document issuance, overtime costs, and other malfunctions.

Lack of Maintenance and Configuration

The switches, routers and Access Point configuration errors also reflect in problems in the Wireless (it can generate slowness and falls, for example). It means that the equipment reconfiguration can help ease the network challenges.

In order to solve it, the simplest way is to analyze the environment and structure in detail. With this assessment in hand, it will be easier to understand what the proper position is for connecting items, what the demand for new items is, and whether those components are actually delivering high performance.

Do you want to know how to avoid or solve these problems? Stay tuned here on Nap IT’s Blog and find out how to have the best of Wireless networking in your business!

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