Apólice Magazine: Attack uses Big Data as gateway to virtual invasion

“Instead of worrying about the next virus, it’s best to focus on how to avoid them”

Cyber ​​attacks last month have taken on a global scale, reaching thousands of companies around the world, including companies specializing in IT.

After this event, it was realized that any company is about this risk. But the question you do not want to keep quiet about it is: what can be done to protect your data? The first tip is to observe the Security area with attention and priority. So whether you are a company decision maker, or even an end-user, the challenge is to identify and adopt practices that help making everyone’s day-by-day technology more secure and efficient.

This is the article central theme, written by Nap IT account manager Sandra Woodward, published exclusively on the Apólice Magazine Portal. The text also says that we need to take better care of Big Data. Do you want to know why?

Then click on the Apólice Magazine Portal and read the article in full.

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