Have you checked your company’s telephone bills?

If providing communication to employees, customers and suppliers, your company is spending a fortune, it’s time to think about Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Telephony is one of the main corporate market tools to meet the communication between employees, customers and suppliers. Precisely because it aims at quality communication, companies often invest heavily in telephony systems. However, many make this feature available without evaluating certain criteria, which can make a total difference in the accounting values ​​.

Companies get to “bank” (pay) these accounts for years without much questioning, but in a downturn scenario in which they seek alternatives to reduce costs, high telephony values ​​become very expressive for the budget. Therefore, one of the strategies to reduce these accounts is to manage the Telecom services expenses.

One methodology that can be applied to achieve this result is Telecom Expenses Management (TEM) or Telecom Expense Management, which acts to optimize costs without generating impacts for the company’s business. No conflict is generated because the adjustments made cut unnecessary costs while maintaining what is used and essential.

For example, if a 1,000-employee company needs its directors and a few departments to make international calls, access will be open only to those areas and not to the entire company.

Specialized services main activities:

The main responsibilities and activities related to Telecom Expense Management are:

  • Manage the Telecom inventory;
  • Control and audit invoices, managing the contesting process charges in disagreement with the contract;
  • Negotiate the contracts with the suppliers, seeking not only the tariffs reduction, but the better service levels implementation;
  • Analyze the invoices to identify the consumption profile, abusive or improper uses and highlight opportunities for reduction;
  • Manage the relationship with the operators;
  • Allocate expenses in cost centers and generate information to support budget control;
  • Create, implement, manage and update the policies for the concession and use of Telecom resources;
  • Support decision making by providing managerial information.

With Telecom Expense Management, the company starts to act with quality in the contracts signed, which will be aligned in relation to the telephony tariffs to be practiced and the improvements in the services levels. Moreover, the processes organization allows the increasing in the expenses control and facilitate the decision making in values reduction cases.

Telecom Expense Management can be done internally by the company when creating processes and flows or using specific software.

However, the specialized services contracting is indicated to guarantee the contract careful analysis and allow the purchased and received values adjustment. In addition, specialized services offer all the industry experience and knowledge to recover amounts unduly charged by the telephone operator.

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