Corporate Communication: Beyond WhatsApp

By Lucas Chies,  Nap IT Microsoft Solution Specialist

With WhatsApp being blocked by court order for the second time in less than a year, about 100 million Brazilians have become, in a matter of minutes, “orphans” from one of today’s most popular communication tools. The scenario has shown us an increasing dependence of this application in our day-by-day, since many people have made use of it also to do business. In this case, if the users knew and opted for a technology more appropriate to the legal entity, the impact would have been less in the professional field.

This episode makes us reflect on the fact that much of the communication made by smartphones revolves around an application because it has become well-known and free. However, among its features, it offers only the messages sending and the making calls possibility. In fact, there are options that allow the corporate market to enjoy communication systems that offer much more functionality.

In recent WhatsApp service outages, many people have sought ways to maintain their communications by making use of undesirable features, such as a clandestine VPN. If in the personal use it can bring several damages, to use something like that in the corporate scope is inadmissible, for the evident risk for company exposing strategic information in a network in which one does not know the origin and who – or what – is behind it .

For those who depend on online communication in the business environment, the choice between a popular tool – that does not distinguish between private and professional use – and another one more suited to corporate demands makes a lot of difference. Fortunately, today we have at our disposal a series of applications with background properly prepared to supply any fall and other incidents occurrence, thus ensuring the day-by-day business.

We have two good examples: Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber, among others. Although they lose in applications popularity like WhatsApp, both have great

acceptance in companies. The great advantage is the robust structure enough to provide your customers with a stable and secure service, regardless of the platform used: mobile, web or software installed on the computer.

In both, it is possible to make use of features far superior to those of popular applications, such as high-definition video calls and the videoconferencing possibility, as well as additional features such as screen and file sharing. For a business environment, these are key items nowadays, especially for global companies, with teams in various regions of the country and the world that need to be always connected to each other.

In today’s increasingly technology-driven world, it is important that you rethink your communication strategy, assessing which partners and solutions your business needs to work on.

There will be many advantages that you can gain from it in the future.


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