Diário do Comércio Newspaper: Solution identifies more agile and economical options in IT

Using innovative methodologies, Nap IT helps companies keep their network infrastructure in high performance, as was the Souza Cruz case, in the Uberlândia unit

Reducing costs is what every business wants, isn’t it? And Nap IT, since 2011, has been solving IT problems for companies in a simpler and more economical way, up to 80% reduction in technology costs for an organization.

Through a new concept, Network Tuning, Nap IT customizes the technologies making them able to operate in high availability and with the maximum of available performance. In addition, the company uses methodologies such as the Assessment and the Site Survey to quickly identify and remedy network infrastructure problems.

This concept and methodologies were applied to improve the Souza Cruz company wireless connections performance, in Uberlândia. When operating with two parallel structures and in simultaneous operation, Souza Cruz suffered constant oscillations in its Wireless connection signal transmission. Nap IT identified the problem and applied a solution that avoided high investments in upgrading the technologies and, mainly, the collaborators work interruption.

Read this full success story published by Diário do Comércio Newspaper, in the state of Minas Gerais, and learn the reason of planning, in many cases, and the correct equipment set-ups is the best way to reduce expenses and maximize the wireless network potential.

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