Network Heroes: In 30 minutes, Gabriel Couto solves connection failure in company

Network Engineer identified and corrected issues that were hampering the Nap IT client’s tobacco storage department productivity

In increasingly complex and connected processes, any IT problem can have a major impact. Example? One of the Nap IT customers, due to a simple failure to connect to the network, had to face its production line practical interruption, in which 40% of its employees would have to be stand-by, causing considerable losses. Now, imagine this situation in your company!

In order to meet this call, Gabriel Couto, Nap IT Network Engineer, was set up with the mission of analyzing, identifying and proposing the fastest and most effective solution. “The customer’s business area reported that all labeling operations developed by the tobacco storage and handling department were stationary. It impaired other teams and production processes management, causing incalculable damage to the daily operation”, he summarizes.

Understanding the problem: Network Analysis as a starting point

Member of the Global Advanced Services, GAS service team, Couto began his service journey with a place physical mapping application. “We use our documentation base to understand how our customers’ infrastructure is interconnected. Then, we performed connectivity tests and analyzed the equipment configurations in the impacted region, which is a practice in which search the problem evaluated root cause“, explains the expert.

After 30 minutes of analysis, the engineer concluded that there was a compatibility error between switch port configurations – one of it, which was used to connect all Access Points responsible for the wireless network publication.

Network Running: How did Gabriel save the operation?

Solving the problem was simple: one of the switches had cables installed on the wrong ports, causing the dependent connections to fail. Such a problem could also have caused the high utilization in the switches processing, generating slowness in the traffic of the data.

According to subsequent investigations, the problem happened in an electrical maintenance routine in the datacenter where a team mistakenly connected the cabling to a switch port that was not configured for usage.

In order to avoid new problems, the engineer took advantage of the situation and realized the spanning-tree BPDU Guard and PortFast configuration in the ports dedicated to receiving the endpoints (desktops, printers, etc.). This command, among other issues, promotes the port blocking in connections case with an unknown switch, bringing safety and management benefits to the manager.

Did you see how a specialist action can be vital for your company not having headaches with the IT use? Stay tuned on the Nap IT Blog and find out how to get this support!

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