Network Heroes: See how Luis Lhullier did a client Assessment in China!

Through techniques such as Network Assessment, technical coordinator of the GAS area managed to improve the Nap IT Chinese branch customers cloud applications performance

You’ve heard that time is money, haven’t you? So, imagine that your company – with a branch on the other side of the world – is having to cope with slow system problems, hampering communication with its central office here in Brazil. It was the situation experienced by a company in the beverage industry. The good news is that everything has been solved without having to invest in infrastructure – and with the Nap IT experts help!

In order to achieve this result, the company was supported by Luis Lhullier, the Global Advanced Services (GAS) area technical coordinator, in identifying problems and propose quicker and more effective solutions.

Analyzing the scenario: what was the real problem?

Over three weeks, the specialist examined all the client’s network settings and structures. The key question was to identify why the cloud applications in that place are performing below the others around the planet.

Lhullier investigated any technical site plan and promoted a system complete Assessment. That was where the real reason for the problem appeared: hosted on China’s servers, applications were being hampered by a firewall, installed by the local government itself, which was blocking communications.

This way, the client’s internal departments were suffering from downswitches and signal interruptions, although nothing was wrong internally. Overall, this disorder was costly in productivity and, indeed, in general losses to the operation.

How to improve the network: the consultancy impacts

The output found by the GAS area coordinator was to transfer server connections to another path, now via the Hong Kong Internet infrastructure. The action effectiveness was not long in coming: in general, the resources had their performances improved by 10 to 50 times.

Without having to deal with any physical issue, we were able to reverse a problem that was stifling the whole Chinese unit operation of our customer,” he said, noting that the analysis took into account the total and the tools effective standardization.

It, incidentally, is one of the great opportunities opened by GAS. “When we go to international branches, we see that, even within the same company, the habits and the access way to the applications are different. Sometimes, even applications are different. Our goal with it, is to provide an efficient and standardized option for these customers to adopt the best use practices or to map possible improvements to be made”, he concludes.

Do you want to bring this support to your company? So do not waste time and talk right now to one of our consultants!

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