Man’s work? That nothing! Women stand out, a lot, in the IT Market

The new Nap IT Blog series will tell stories and examples of professionals who add technical and practical knowledge to IT projects

If you think IT is a theme for men, stay tuned to this new market profile. Increasingly, women are working in areas related to technology, with results that deserve attention. In order to demonstrate this scenario, the Nap IT Blog will bring, in the coming weeks, a few examples of how women have played an important role in the growth not only of our company but also in every industry.

In this new series, the idea is to present the Nap IT team data and experiences that, from technical management to financial management, today has several professionals in its operation key areas. With wide technical knowledge and the most varied certifications, these women are at the operation critical processes forefront, acting freely to lead new projects. Not surprisingly, they have outstanding numbers, managing high investments and working continuously to achieve the best results for customers.

You will see, here in the Blog, what they add in opportunities for the segment, what are their work routines great challenges and issues.

How to increase female participation in IT?

According to PNAD data, developed by the Federal Government, only 20% of all IT professionals are women.

Seeing these differences simply as cultural aspects, we want to highlight here what women already offer to Nap IT and the industry. In addition, stimulating access to the opportunities for them to show their leadership role in IT is also critical.

Thus, we hope that these cases can serve as an example so that other women can also conquer their space in the technology sector.

And then? Do you want to know these stories? Stay tuned on the IT Nap Blog and find out more about the women in IT role!

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