Why is my company’s Wireless havings problem and how can I solve it?

When the wireless network does not connect, lives down, and does not support the increase in data traffic, the negative impact on a company’s productivity and results may be greater than imagined

A company’s Wi-Fi network may experience many faults if it is not suitable for its operation. These problems can be a lack of planning result, which begins with the technology choice and the installation and configuration processes. But how to be aware of these issues?

It is important to know that with planning and detailing functions, the wireless connection can represent real gains for the company. Unlike having a stationary or stressed team because of the network infrastructure poor performance, well-sized Wireless makes it easy to apply productivity-driven features. So, in addition to using what’s best in technology, it’s worth considering how it’s planned and integrated.

Among the main Wireless advantages are mobility and accessibility. However, the costs reduction in physical infrastructure, the new redundancy mechanisms inclusion, and availability and scalability, among others, should also be highlighted.

Understand if it’s your case

Now, imagine your life without Wi-Fi. Hard, isn’t it? It is because mobility is no longer a tendency to become a necessity. Whether in the home or corporate environment, Wireless connections are in evidence. But did you know that there are several options (and ways) to set up a wireless network and that each use type has its own characteristics?

If your answer to the above question is no, you are among the representatives of many companies that, by adopting the Wireless network in their operations, still imagine that just replicating that old model used at home with a router or adapter is the enough. But in many situations it is not.

For example, when you do not pay much attention to the technical options in the implementation, we can call this result as Improvised Wireless. It is not difficult to change this situation and eliminate “headaches”, but – for companies that are still going to install their network and for those that need to solve continuous faults – the first step is to adopt oriented solutions, with a defined structure and adjusted to the characteristics of the space.

So the first tip here is to invest time and attention to implement a Wi-Fi network in the environment. It will eliminate adjustments hours and save resources. Believe it!

Have you opted for Wireless correctly?

It is the way to have a Planned Wireless network, which allows process performance and continuity. When using the companies or specialized technicians services to structure a more robust network, some of the items to be worked are: the network deployment topology; field study (also known as Site Survey); antenna positioning; and channels and frequencies analysis.

However, in spite of expanding the infrastructure potential, this possibility also has its limitations, mainly in relation to resource management and security.

Ideal solutions for businesses

In order to close this siege and meet specific demands, one option is the Corporate Wireless, which uses tools and applications dedicated to the variations and all companies segments requirements. This development mode has brought to the fore resources such as bandwidth control, access standardization and data management to support the BYOD programs growth and the various tasks present in the day-by-day corporation.

So, Wi-Fi can help your company gain connection speed, but not just that. Wireless provides better analysis and strategic management, with conditions that can be thought on demand for each routine.

So, how’s your company’s wireless network? What do you need to improve the connection? In order to learn more about this topic, stay tuned to the Nap IT Blog! In the next posts, we’ll talk about how to identify and choose the right Wireless for your business. See you!

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