Over BR: Nap IT bills $12 million and strengthens strategies for 2016

The services offer such as Network Tuning, Network Assessment and Site Survey, corresponds to 60% of the billing. By 2016, the company aims to grow about 35%

Nap IT – Network Solutions, a Brazilian company specialized in network consulting, announces revenues above the projected for 2015, reaching R$12 million. Among the factors that contributed to the result are the focus on specialized professionals, the renowned technology certifications achievement provider and the entry of a network infrastructure solutions portfolio on its website, which serves any size companies. By 2016, the company expects to continue growth and revenues close to R$16 million.

Nap IT’s services line accounted for 60% of revenue, while business with products generated 40%. In the period, project management services, in which companies choose to acquire or renew their network infrastructure, were the most representative for billing. The most sought after services were network analysis – the Network Assessment – and Wireless Site Survey, which works on quality improvement and Wi-Fi signal coverage.

According to Nap IT CEO Rodrigo Alabarce, the representation in the services segment reflects the company’s effort to position itself as a Network Tuning player. “This service is the Nap IT flagship and it has been the great differential for the network infrastructure market in this crisis moment, since companies have the possibility to give a survival to their technologies, using a methodology that, for the configuration, can increase the performance of their equipment”, he points out.

Decisions generate growth

The services offered by Nap IT serve large companies, but since the 2014 ending has inserted a products portfolio to serve small and medium-sized companies with network infrastructure solutions. Since launching the platform, 5% of revenue comes from sales for medium-sized companies. For this year, the intention is to strengthen the strategy and offer of products, in order to increase the sales percentage for the segment.

Another point that brought a differential to the consultancy in 2015 was the commitment on the employees hiring at managerial and board levels. One example was the hiring of the commercial director, Carlos Monaco, to work in São Paulo city and region. The professional has increased the Premium accounts number in the proposals, opening up new business opportunities in multinationals. In addition to being responsible for the service area restructuring and the sales team, he further expanded his relationship with Cisco, a major Nap IT partner.

And to grow, there was also the employees training, which resulted in the certifications achievement, which also contributed to Nap IT for its recognition in the market. The company acquired Cisco’s Security Premier stamp, becoming a benchmark in the security segment and having the ability to be recommended by the manufacturer for security projects integration for its customers. Adding to that the newly acquired Express Video Cisco certification, which qualifies Nap IT to act with manufacturer’s solutions in video conferencing and telepresence projects.

According to Carlos Monaco, for 2016, the company is focused on generating new partnerships, so that it can expand its performance in the technology market. Among the objectives is its consolidation in São Paulo and the increase in coverage in other Brazilian regions. “The Nap IT mission will be to provide services that enable companies to improve their technologies performance in business support, rather than investing in replacing equipment at a time when they are reviewing their budgets”, Monaco emphasizes.

New directions for the Codi.mobi merger

In early 2015, Nap IT announced the merger with Codi.mobi to provide infrastructure solutions and develop applications. At the time, Nap IT anticipated a two-year investment in the merger for new products development. However, in an one-year period, the companies understood that the objectives were achieved, since Codi.mobi reached its processes maturity, guaranteeing a significant growth, leaping from 500 thousand to R$ 3 million. Thus, together, the companies handled R$ 15 million.

One of the key products developed by the companies during the merger was the Network Product Comparision – NPC mobile application, a tool for technology professionals who compares network infrastructure solutions between different models and manufacturers.

“The Nap IT participation gave muscles to Codi.mobi to grow in the software segment. We believe that companies are structured to invest their efforts in their market segments. From now on, we are partners to work together on projects that require the services of both companies”, says Alabarce.



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