Do you want to use the Cloud? 5 Reasons to Choose Nap IT as IT Consulting

Find out how our team can help your company grow, with better results from the technology industry

Do you prefer to see your company’s IT sector working to deliver solutions related to the operation core business or solving technology failures, updates and contingencies? If the answer is the second option, the tip is simple: get to know the IT consulting services.

But what are the benefits?

When it comes to investing in news, like the Cloud, or solving problems in the IT environment, what your company needs most is quick, practical action. That is, in this case, the great advantage you have when hiring an IT consultant.

So for companies that opt for Nap IT, it will have differentials like:

#1. Customer Focus

When your company bets on technology, it basically wants to improve some internal process. From this demand, it must study how IT can make it possible. It is exactly what Nap IT Consultants can deliver to your company: the IT project overall analysis required for the operation.

The differential in this case is that it is your real needs that guide the IT Service construction and delivery. Thus, the idea is to propose actions with more assertiveness and control, in all implementation phases.

#2. Qualified Team

Making this delivery truly effective, the Nap IT working group counts on qualified professionals with expertise in the most diverse key areas for an adjustment, modernization or IT network installation action implementation. We are talking about financial knowledge, logistics, production and, of course, technology.

# 3. The outcome Commitment

From consulting to technology integration, the goal is to deliver high-performance, the best cost-effective solutions. That’s why Nap IT employees always work with PMO best practices, based on the PMBOK requirements and definitions established by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

#4. Flexibility

Every company, of course, has its own demands and expectations, unlike any other project. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the capacity and ease of adaptation to the requests. It allows to meet, in a personalized way, the companies needs and business model, with more objectivity and efficiency.

#5. Transparency

When hiring an IT consultant, what your company wants is to facilitate an action or IT infrastructure repair management. But, for it to be productive, it is necessary to create a solid link of trust and relationship with employees, customers, investors and suppliers. What we offer in this context is a recurrent concern to show, in detail, the action course.

It sounds simple, but it is not: following what has been agreed, with budget and deadlines, is important to you. And also for Nap IT.

Do you want to see how it is? So talk to our consultants now! Or see, here on the Blog, Nap IT Team success examples!

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