Security Report Portal: My site has been hacked, and now?

Featured in Security Report Portal, the article by Sandra Woodward, Nap IT Solutions in Digital Security commercial manager, guides companies on hacking attack

Let’s start this text with two essential questions: How important is your business to digital security planning? And what does your company do when it finds that your site is compromised after being hacked?

As everyone knows, a hacker attack brings a lot of financial and image damage to a company, doesn’t it? And for all companies in order to avoid this kind of situation, our Solutions in Digital Security commercial manager, Sandra Woodward, has developed an article with tips to guide users about site intrusion. The theme was highlighted in the Security Report Portal – the first in the Brazilian ICT market to deal simultaneously with Information Security and Risk Management.

Don’t you want your company website to be vulnerable? So, go to Security Report Portal and read these tips!

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