Sensitivity and Focus: How Women can enrich IT Management

Ensuring quality deliveries, with added value and recognition: meet Cristina Hirsch, Nap IT’s IT Project Coordinator, a professional who managed R$ 5.3 million in projects with 0.5%accuracy

The new technologies and tools development is not only transforming the way companies consume IT resources. This scenario has also broadened the market demand for qualified professionals capable of adding value. And it is with these attributes, in fact, that the women in the IT segment participation has been expanding in recent years. Cristina Hirsch, IT Project Coordinator at Nap IT, is an example of this potential, ensuring technical knowledge and sensitivity to deliver our customers the best service and performance.

Adding value, in every detail

“Women are gaining space in IT, and increasingly, they will show that they are capable of managing what it takes, with quality”, says the professional. More than an opinion, Cristina’s phrase is able to summarize much of her work in practice.

Graduated in management and with strong support for high-performance technology solutions for infrastructure and software, she devotes most of her time to the Nap IT customers’ PDI (Research, Development and Innovation) areas. “My goal with the companies that hire our services is to keep all systems and structures up and running, and to understand what the users’ needs are, to assess what can be implemented”, says the expert.

In other words, Cristina’s mission is to deal with the technology projects management. “I work managing projects. In it, I need to apply all the management knowledge and technology and this knowledge mix becomes a powerful work tool. Throughout 2016, for example, I managed budgets that totaled R$ 5.3 million, with a 0.5% accuracy”, she describes.

It is actually a recurring issue in the specialist’s career: “Before taking on the current challenges budget, I managed three VoIP telephony projects, where I was ultimately responsible for delivering a value-added success story – due to the savings generated by the state-of-the-art technology application”, she explains.

Practical gains, continuous development

In this constant evolution, the professional performance promotes practical (and incalculable) benefits to the client’s routine. Quality in the projects delivery, continuous improvements and innovation are some of the real advantages Cristina’s care brings to the company.

But if you think that, therefore, she is satisfied, the truth is that she is still growing. “We all have something to contribute, to learn and to teach. We always need to work in a way that everyone feels supported in the best possible way, and that we are always doing our best for them and for the company. ”

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