Solve the 5 most insistent Wireless problems

Find out what the main complaints about Wireless are and know the tips that our wireless network experts offer to solve them 

Allowing more mobility, providing management features and reducing costs are some of the real gains that the Wireless network presents to the business routine. However, for many reasons, many companies still act with improvised or poorly planned networks, which leads to problems such as slowness and disconnection, impacting network performance.

If your business is experiencing these issues, be aware of the top five vulnerability points of an unstructured network and the tips of our corporate Wireless experts on how to resolve them.

5 problems X solution

Is your internet slow? Is it falling? – It is a drama that plagues (and a lot) who needs a wireless connection. Before complaining to the carrier, however, it is worth considering your system settings. One tip is to observe bandwidth consumption and if there is any bottleneck (or loss of signal) at specific times. The output can be in the new access networks definition, the coverage area extension or in the current resources management reinforcement, with specific applications to optimize the system operation.

Is your Wireless connection not enough? – With mobility, being connected anywhere in the company is indispensable. But if your network is poorly sized, it is likely that some shade areas can be formed in the office or plant. It can be solved with Environmental Studies, which allow analyzing and mapping items such as network topography and the installed infrastructure functioning.

Is the problem interference? – Wireless devices use radiofrequency communication to transmit and receive data. But other electronic items presence, such as cordless phones and microwaves, can generate noises that hinder their operation. And it applies even to excess antennas, for example. Avoiding this risk, it is worth remembering that the routers frequency channel is usually 2.4GHz. But some models also allow the 5GHz band use, which is better suited to combat interference and thus ensure a cleaner and cleaner signal. Another chance is to evaluate its structure, identifying the failure possible causes.

Isn’t the connection working? – Creating or extending a network without planning sometimes implies compatibility failures. In other words, it means that not always the router, Access Point or switch used will be compatible with your infrastructure other items. For this, it is vital to keep your Hardware and Software updated, always following the plan created for the applications correct operation. It is worth mentioning the need to keep up with the warranty and the structure of each item, mapping any problem. It will make any maintenance or adjustment process easier for your demands.

How can I protect my data? – One of the most frequent afflictions in the corporate environment is safety. And in the Wireless case, it becomes even more evident. After all, if everyone can access your link, how do you ensure that no one will “steal” your business information?

For these cases, there are already some options, such as online management centers, that control access to data, creating new governance rules and information visibility. There is also a specific hardware, with modules prepared to meet these demands in a practical and fast way.

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