Cisco Certification in the Business Area for IT Providers

Having certified commercial teams is the first step for all care to be able and assertive When it comes to preventing or solving a technology problem, overcoming the “commercial without technical knowledge” barrier is the first step for technology managers and CIOs. When it comes to large operations, hiring technology services is the essential point […]

[e-Book] NOC – 7 Answers to transforming your NET monitoring

NOC - Monitoramento de rede

Download our e-Book, know more about the NOC and understand how it can be used to avoid problems in your company’s network Technology environments need to be well structured, configured, and monitored to face the difficulties and provide the right solution to the most varied problems types that arise in a company’s day-to-day business. Network […]

Nap IT announces changes in Pre-Sales and GAS team

The integrator presents Ronaldo Barbieri as Senior Presales Engineer. In addition, the Nap IT GAS area also brings news, with Luis Lhullier assuming the Chief Technology Officer position, and Cristiano Silveira, as the company’s new Infrastructure Manager What do you expect from a good service? Is it having a professional support with the knowledge to […]

[Video] Site Survey: Transforming Your Company’s Wireless Network

Find out how to make your wireless network faster and more stable by conducting Site Survey Have you lived that day when your company’s internet is slow, causing the your team productivity to drop dramatically? So pay attention: the problem can be solved very quickly and effectively with a Site Survey application. Site Survey: your […]

Nap IT hires an engineer specialized in security and unified communications

Adalírio Bervian is the new Network Engineer in the GAS area, which will work in security and unified communications projects support for clients in Brazil and abroad Nap IT announces the hirring of more one professional to its network specialists team. He is Adalirio Bervian, who is the new Network Engineer for the Global Advanced […]

What is Site Survey, after all?

Find out what Site Survey is and how this methodology helps your business to identify failures and improve wireless network performance With corporate networks increasingly complex, Wi-Fi has become an essential element for the corporate routine. On the other hand, the large number of installed equipment makes the cause identification or the origin of a […]