[Video] Network Tuning for Telepresence: well-configured meeting

See how to optimize your distance meetings using the maximum performance of your technology infrastructure Are you one of those who still think that Telepresence is a very expensive and complicated option to transform your company’s communication? If so, you’d better check out this video from Nap IT on the application of Network Tuning for […]

eBook – Videoconference: What is the best technology for your company?

  Before adopting an integrated videoconferencing system, it is important to analyze some existing infrastructure aspects in the company Videoconferencing today has the ability to integrate teams from anywhere in the world, regardless of the size of an organization, streamlining processes, increasing productivity. Most importantly, it makes communication between employees, customers and suppliers more efficient. […]

Cisco manager talks about videoconferencing Market

Hugo Bortolato da Palma, partner development manager, presents to the Nap IT Blog his view about the current scenario, trends and other sector aspects Companies of all sizes have used the technology to hold meetings at a distance, thus avoiding travel and executive expenses. Meeting this demand and ensuring high quality, technology providers are increasingly […]

Videoconferencing: quality technology reduces travel costs

Why spend time and money on distant meetings? The current videoconferencing systems offer functionalities that guarantee the same face-to-face meetings efficiency When a company expands its frontiers and opens branches, offices or distribution centers in remote locations, it now faces the challenge of providing communication conditions among employees, despite the distance. In order to do […]