What Tuning does for wireless and video conferencing performance

How to identify and correct the wireless connection and videoconferencing systems instabilities without drastic changes in the available infrastructure?

It was with this challenge that a company from the pharmaceutical industry sought Nap IT to consolidate a technology integration project capable of solving low access performance to communication systems, promoting more efficient operations.

In order to do it, the first step was to understand how instability in the wireless network and failures with the videoconference system were impacting the most diverse departments of the company. Based on the information, Nap IT’s Telecom experts team devised actions tailored to the client’s overall needs.

Wi-Fi Network Assesment and Survey

The accomplishment of an Assessment allowed the analysis of all the fields and variables of the company physical and logical infrastructure. The objective was to evaluate the system characteristics, composing an opinion of the performance and each area functionality.

Nap IT devoted its efforts to the structural environment mapping, informing each party actual situation, and promoted Surveys to the wireless network. With the information, reports were created to measure the issues and challenges that the connection and telepresence system brought to the day-by-day business. At each point, the customer received feedback on the constraints and possible adjustments to their network optimization.

The Assessment provided recurring monitoring tools, which support the customer’s own assessment, showing possible flaws, data traffic instabilities and other issues related to infrastructure behavior. This detailed view allows the client to make more assertive decisions for the technologies improvements, considering the lower cost.

Network tuning and new installations

One of Nap IT’s continuing concerns is to provide clear and accessible information to its customers, without being restricted to technical issues. It was one of the differentials offered in this project, to show how the technological variables could influence the company overall performance. In response, it was suggested a Network Tuning applied to wireless and video conferencing systems, reporting options to leverage the operation and operability of these tools.

Among the demands, the reports showed, for example, problems in the wireless systems coverage area ​​, corrected with the Access Points installation and new configuration recommendations. In order to arrive at this opinion, Nap IT used as base physical analyzes of cabling (indicating the construction and condition of these tools) and access, concluding the connection shadow areas existence.

Another point addressed was the controller change in which the connection base was installed. The communications failures and failures originated in the provider control center. With this change, the client was able to extend its applications results, offering greater stability and control for each access.

Tuning was also applied to videoconferencing systems, where the specialists promoted an entire environment reading, considering physical structure, wireless, collaboration and network configuration. With configuration changes and practical improvements in the systems, pointed out by Network Tuning, the results were a more effective communication, with greater stability and connection quality.

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