Warning: Virtual threats can put your operation at risk!

Learn how strategy and attention can elevate Information Security in your business.

Right now, your business may be a web threat target from one of the more than 93 billion e-mails that travel around the globe every day. Complicating matters, the danger may also come from one of your employees’ computer, or your own smartphone. Wherever that risk comes from, one thing is certain: your business must be prepared to ensure your Information Safety.

Even though data protection is already a constant theme in your daily life – after all it is an increasingly vital and complex point for any business – the fact is that discussions on the subject do not always yield practical action to vulnerability problems.

Safety and its Myths

There are, for example, those who think that having an antivirus and other monitoring features is enough to prevent a threat. Although having this updated technology is important, if your company is unwilling to investigate and solve potential vulnerabilities in its infrastructure, its operation will be more susceptible to data intrusion and loss.

That’s even one of the reasons for the rise in cyber attacks year after year – they have been growing at rates above double digits, according to industry surveys. In this scenario, with the most accessible and ever-changing technology, managing the physical, logical structure and the very employees demand has become an even more complicated challenge. So if your operation and your market are transformed; the dangers and challenges they bring too.

At this point, think about BYOD, Cloud, and Home Office policies that are being worked on in your business. All these options may be great opportunities for your business, but they also have the potential to jeopardize your corporate information if your company does not have a consistent business plan.

Do you want to escape the threats?

Have you ever imagined your business data on display? Of course, you do not even want to think about it. Thus, the way is to invest in tools and policies that

bring protection and attack the technological gaps, thus avoiding financial, administrative or intellectual losses to their production.

Currently, there are a number of options designed to facilitate this work – from encryption to the unique plans assembly dedicated to observing, monitoring and attacking faults – that allow companies to build a more secure and tight path. In order to justify this step, remember: if your market and your business are changing, your safety should not be seen as a differential, but rather as a necessity that is part of your job.

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