What is Site Survey, after all?

Find out what Site Survey is and how this methodology helps your business to identify failures and improve wireless network performance

With corporate networks increasingly complex, Wi-Fi has become an essential element for the corporate routine. On the other hand, the large number of installed equipment makes the cause identification or the origin of a small connection failure to the Internet become a very complicated task.

If your company has experienced this kind of situation, know that it is precisely the work that Site Survey can simplify.

What is Site Survey?

Site Survey is nothing more than a network environment thorough analysis. In practice, it is a methodology that identifies the data transmission capacity that the network infrastructure supports and what is hindering or obstructing the wireless connection smooth operation.

In order to create this image, the service has a radiofrequency reading, which reads and maps the possible shadow areas and interference zones that may be present in the space.

This map shows where all the devices in your network are connected and the physical and logical topology of the space. It is from this assessment that IT professionals can identify risk situations for your Wireless, problems already established or the need for new configurations.

When to apply Site Survey?

Whether it’s to create a new data and voice network or change a working environment, Site Survey can be very useful for checking and evaluating the network infrastructure to be used.

Together with the Assessment, another analysis technique (focused on the installed equipment description, guarantee deadlines, exchange requirements, etc.), the Site Survey methodology helps in resizing the network infrastructure, according to the availability required for an operation.

From the Site Survey, you will identify:

  • If any equipment in the network is giving trouble;
  • If there is any office area that is not being covered by the Wi-Fi signal;
  • If there is any interference caused by other devices, appliances, telephones, etc.
  • Whether the design and characteristics of the installed devices are conform to the environment requirements;
  • Whether the users number and access policies are appropriate for the areas highlighted in your operation plan.

In short: what is and how does your company gain from Site Survey on the Wireless network?

With the hand-mapping, your business can prevent errors and drastically reduce answers time to an incident, even identifying the source of small failures due to interference or seasonal overhead of network infrastructure usage.

This significant failures reduction and problem management time has made Site Survey application a definitive factor for an efficient wireless network. This technique extends the coverage quality, ensures effective security and improves the wireless network speed in conjunction with the wired network.

When deploying a wireless network, it is worth remembering that the configurations are part of a strategic and structured work, aimed at good results.

* Rodrigo Alabarce is the Nap IT CEO

Do you want to optimize your wireless network with Site Survey? Ask for the contact of one of our experts and see how to transform your Wireless in a fast and practical way!

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