Women in the Charge: How they have helped our customers save millions

Careful and prepared, women are turning business into technology. Luciele Ceconello, Nap IT Project Manager, is an example of this opportunity: with autonomy and skill, she has already saved over R$ 24 million for customers

Having to do more than one task at a same time is never easy. But, truth be told, it is a skill that women seem to master in perfection. In the Technology world, for example, it is a fundamental capacity that they have helped to develop more and more! An example? Then meet Luciele Ceconello, Nap IT Project Manager, who has been working for 5 years to ensure that technology integration is more complete and practical for our customers.

Multitasking in practice

One of the first names to be part of the Nap IT team, Luciele aims to deliver solutions that help meet our customers demands. For it, she believes that an essential condition of her work is always to be part of the whole process of defining the needs of each project. “There is a big difference between the professional who assumes a defined scope and the Project Manager who has a deep knowledge of each client reality”, emphasizes the specialist.

Luciele also reinforces that this approach allows us to find the best options for the implementation as a whole. “From several projects that have generated significant financial results, I can cite as an example one in which we work to optimize the client’s telephony costs. But in order to find the right tool to be installed, we had to search the market for a specific technical solution. That’s why we participated from the business case building process, including business consultations with potential vendors and the solution feasibility testing, and we went on to the product hiring, deployment and post-installation support”, she says.

This case result was a gateway system installation that helped the customer to have the best connection rate for calls made. In the end, the initial analysis suggested that the customer would only have an economy of more than R$ 10 million in the first year, with a 75% cost reduction in their telephone operation.

If we look at the other projects led by the specialist, however, this volume is even greater. In recent years, Luciele’s proposals generated more than R$ 24 million in ‘savings’ and another R$ 50 million in ‘cost avoidance for clients.

A Project Manager’s Challenges and Opportunities

With customers all over Brazil and strong participation in the TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solutions development and Nap IT Telecommunications Network Infrastructure, Luciele evaluates that her routine main challenge is to reconcile several projects, with objectives, scopes, budgets, different times and schedules. “Each project has its peculiarities, priorities, times and driving ways. And keeping this gear working, with all stakeholders aligned, clients engaged and communication and work flows working is very complex”, says the specialist, revealing that in some jobs, she has already had to lead teams with more than 30 people.

“In the actions that I manage, I am involved from planning to post-installation, in order to understand all the difficulties and possibilities for improvement. I believe that with an advisory vision and technical knowledge, it is possible to identify the opportunities and the most attractive ways for clients”, says the professional. The idea is to have a broad, autonomous vision and able to formulate the most appropriate strategies to improve the service relationship.

Luciele adds that this action type also helps open up new business for Nap IT. “Often, the technical solution itself, the ideal infrastructure, is not provided by us. But, as project managers, we always act by mediating all steps between the client and the others involved in the project”, he says.

This close relationship between the integrator (represented by Project Management) and the client is focused on providing, in a complete way, the effective expected result delivery without major inconvenience. “This goal, however, always requires careful attention to the each stages planning, working with a lot of synergy with the technical team and the client to map the risks and their mitigations”, says Luciele.

Did you see how the Project Manager can facilitate technological integration by supporting our customers? Stay tuned here on the Nap IT Blog and see how these and other differentiators can help you achieve more quality in every action!

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