5 factors that drive your computer network to slowness

Is your computer network compromised? Learn/know five reasons that may be influencing your technology low performance

Many factors can influence the computer network performance. For the user, compromising corporate infrastructure is often felt by the slowness between an operation and its response time. And your diagnosis is based on your routine tasks, whether it’s reading an email or using a system. If one day the email is fast and the other is slow, then the user realizes that something is wrong. The villain of it all is always the computer network, which is not always true.

The fact is that, in a more technical way, the slowness symptom can come from several points of the network infrastructure. The problem generates system failures in operations, unavailability and interruptions, factors that burden the company in the processes performance and operating costs.

If the network is compromised, with poor performance, there are five most common factors to be responsible:

Internal network to Data Center

When enterprise applications, such as database queries, are accessed through infrastructure that is out of the matrix or even in the cloud, it is common for slowdowns to be related to the Data Center applications, disks, and servers configuration.

When suspicion is related to the Data Center network, in this case, the reasons that lead to slowness are more difficult to diagnose, because they are complex networks, operating over robust, highly configured equipment, not so easy to work with compared to an office network.

Network external to the Data Center

As with Data Centers, the office switches poor configuration also reflects slowness. When this network is local, it is easier to make the corrections, since, although they are integrated technologies and solutions, they can be analyzed individually, without generalized impacts.

Wireless network

In the wireless network, slowdowns, falls or access failures can be generated by the low amplitude caused by the wireless equipment bad positioning. The equipment bad positioning, due to the signal non-transmission through the physical, metallic and thick structures, can cause the known slowness of access. This same symptom can be perceived by the installation of an insufficient amount of Wi-Fi equipment, which can directly impact the users accesses, since the devices will not be able to support the full range of the users access requests that try to access the network.

Often, a simple antenna or the Access Point move, or even the barriers removal, solves the loss question or low Wi-Fi signal.

Network of contracted data links

When the problem is related to the data link, there is no alternative but to open a maintenance call to the contracted operator. In this case, neither the IT area nor a specialized consultancy would be allowed to touch the links. However, there are situations in which configurations can be made on the

equipment that are between the contracted links. These settings can help you prioritize traffic for a particular application, which would help you solve slowdown issues.

VPN Private Network – Virtual Private Network

VPN, which connects computers between locations, departments, offices, or people, enables secure data traffic and, when well configured, acts transparently to the user – both in wired networks and wireless networks.

But if even with a good configuration the slowness persists, it is likely that the problem is in a link that connects the parts, being two offices, two branches or an office and a house.

Maintenance costs

Within these five aspects, often only a reconfiguration would help ease the network problem. However, there are cases where the settings are perfect, but a device is lacking to boost performance. It is also possible that switches and VPNs are out of phase.

Identifying these issues and solving them with the least impact on operations requires technical expertise from the in-house IT or technology company. Slowdown results in rework, delayed reporting and document issues, overtime costs, and other malfunctions. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the solutions offered by a consultancy, which will act in a more agile and assertive way.

The consulting challenge, however, is to measure the business impact costs that the company would have with the network downfall and processes disruption, in relation to the benefits of having specialized work, which would solve technical problems in less time.

In the computer network slow case, the five factors presented are among the first to be analyzed during an Assessment, the detailed analysis that will diagnose the problems origins in a network.

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