5 reasons for your company to hold videoconference meetings

Understand how and why your company will be most effective when conducting videoconferencing meetings in a structured and complete way.

You know that talk about that time is money? More than a simple catch phrase, this has been an increasingly real point for most companies.

Planning software, online calendars, and digital productivity solutions your team has already been using, for example, are there to prove that our biggest challenge is managing time – and how much it costs in our day.

And is there anything that spends more time than meetings today?

Shifts delays, unsuccessful attempts to connect with various software, system updates at the time; there are so many possibilities of unforeseen events that this meeting type always delays.

In order to attack these points, we present here on the Nap IT Blog a little more about the videoconferencing impact in the meeting rooms. Do you remember?

Possibly, you still have doubts whether or not video conferencing is worth it. If it is the case, look at this list with 5 important points about how and why your business can be more effective with meetings via video conferencing.

Check them out:

# 1 – Videoconferencing is an option for any business

That view that videoconferencing rooms are too expensive is a past thing. In recent years, the equipment has become more accessible and flexible, offering options even for small businesses and also for residential use.

# 2 – Video conferencing meeting does not require a complex IT infrastructure

One of the reasons for point # 1 is that, unlike before, the solutions for video transmission are more modern and demand less and less internet bandwidth, impacting less an office functioning.

In other words, it means you do not have to invest in a complex infrastructure with specific servers and controllers to use the video.

# 3 – Video calls as a meeting attempt

In the day-to-day running, you should have already used the video call of your instant communicator (the one on your cell phone). Now, try using it for sharing files and connecting multiple contacts seamlessly and efficiently. It may be that the sharing works, but the screen will freeze and the voice will look like a robot.

Immersive videoconferencing, or telepresence, goes beyond just than showing the image. The assembled structure delivers:

  • Video and sounds in details;
  • Features for file and data sharing;
  • Collaborative system for participants active participation;
  • Practical ways to connect more than one contact at the same time.

# 4 – Meeting rooms with video conferencing are safer for your company

In addition to the added advantage of having more features, the telepresence equipment also provides more security, with data encryption, blocking access to meetings and user identification systems.

# 5 – The return on investment comes not only from reducing travel costs

Yes, one of the greatest advantages of having via videoconference meetings is not having to travel all the time. But it is not the only advantage…

  • With such a structure it is possible to train for your company different units;
  • It is possible to do service customers on urgent calls, more quickly and efficiently;
  • Your management can spread the organizational idea more broadly and completely, without the losing information risk midway through emails or phones.

Are these advantages good for your company? So, come to know more on how to have it all in practice: talk to one of our consultants now!

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