Cisco Live Magazine: Wärtsilä reduces online meeting costs by 20%

Telepresence Solutions allows the Finnish company to make its communication possible between its 70 units spread around the world

Increasing the agility in decision making and contribute to productivity gains, especially in your meetings at a distance. It was the Wärtsilä goal, when it opted for the telepresence adoption to improve its executives communication.

The company turned to Nap IT, Cisco partner, to deploy a telepresence tool in Rio de Janeiro, its Brazilian headquarters. The Finnish company also sought a financially effective solution.

According to Wärtsilä’s IT manager, Tiago Correa, there is a global action standard for the company in which it invests in technologies that can reduce costs and at the same time facilitate strategic decisions, bringing the customer’s business areas closer together.

In order to meet Wärtsilä’s expectations, see in the successful case published by Cisco Live Magazine, what was designed by Nap IT in two distinct environments: one focused on larger meetings with more participants, and another planned for fast connections, which demanded reduced and agile structure.

Access and read in full the “An open door to the World” successful story:

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