Cisco Live: The Corporate Networks New Reality

In a paper published in Cisco Live Magazine, Rodrigo Alabarce, Nap IT CEO, analyzes how companies should plan for Digital Transformation in their IT networks

Believe it: the internet and technology are changing and will transform the way your business works. So the way is to get ready for the future and start planning today what tomorrow will be, right?

This is the starting point of the article The New Reality of Corporate Networks, written by Rodrigo Alabarce, Nap IT CEO, which was published in Cisco Live Magazine in June.

In the text, the expert discusses what the trends of Digital Transformation that will affect the day to day of corporate networks are, and how executives can prepare themselves to avoid surprises with technological innovation.

New Corporate Networks: Is that it?

It may seem exaggerated to speak in a new corporate network, but it is exactly to that destination that we are walking.

In order to justify this conclusion, Alabarce points out how the explosion of data, communication between machines and security and mobility issues are now changing the relationship of your company with the technology infrastructure.

And, of course, how that will affect the next steps within organizations.

Want to check the text in full? Access this link now and see page 50 in Cisco Live Magazine!

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