4 Valuable tips for your business to start using Cloud Computing

See how Analysis, Planning, Strategy and Support will make it easier to integrate your business with Cloud Computing

Today, many companies already know that Cloud Computing can deliver such benefits as cost savings and improved performance in technologies. On the other hand, identifying the right time when and how to start using this feature is still an issue that, in some cases, can create doubts in minds of those who manage a work routine.

In order to make these analyzes easier, Nap IT Blog presents 4 important tips for your company to start using Cloud applications without complications. Let’s see them!

# 1 – Diagnosis: Know what you already have and identify what you need

The first step in implementing a new technology is to know how it can add value to your reality. It means that when deciding to use the Cloud, your company needs to know what is in the current infrastructure, identifying possible gaps that can be improved with the Cloud applications adoption.

You should list priorities and set parameters to then decide which vendor and solution is best suited to your needs.

# 2 – Search for options at your disposal

There are several ways to integrate the Cloud in your day-by-day, in addition to several models and applications available. So, nothing more practical than evaluating which options are more assertive and which fits better to your corporation strategies.

Remember, for example, that you will not be dislodging your entire structure. That is, the solution you choose needs to be compatible and functional with respect to what is already in your environment. Nor it is advisable to go public networks if your data is critical and demand maximum protection.

# 3 – If possible, make the change in steps

Every implementation is amenable to adjustments and adaptations, especially when involving technology. Therefore, before start doing the installations, it is important to define a strategy that mitigate the risks.

For doing it, consider these two points: if possible, start using activities that are less risky and/or impactful to the operation, and always count on redundant systems that guarantee any disaster reversal.

# 4 – Do not do it alone

It’s no use hiring Cloud-hosted servers and not making sure they’re properly integrated with the network your business already has. Likewise, hiring services that are not appropriate to your reality will not generate much results either. And that’s where having Support can mean better returns for your operation.

After all, you will always earn more when Technology is tailored and configured to meet and solve your needs. Count on to experts support who guide this integration journey between Traditional IT and new models, such as the Cloud. You will lessen doubts, ensure key customizations for your work and much more assertiveness to solve any unforeseen.

Ready to get Cloud Integration into your day-by-day? If you have any questions, stay tuned to the Nap IT Blog or talk to one of our consultants! They will certainly help you get the most out of your IT!

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