ComputerWorld: What is the NOC and for what it is?

In an article published by ComputerWorld Portal, Sandra Woodward, Nap IT Sales Director, explains how the Network Operations Center (NOC) helps companies manage their technology environments

In an increasingly globalized and connected world, a simple internet downturn can jeopardize all the company operations. Many companies typically use part of their IT professionals to control this type of situation, monitor the network environment, and take action if a connection failure occurs.

It is precisely for the IT network to be monitored without the need to mobilize internal staff, that companies seek an alternative. Meeting this demand, the market offers the essential IT services application such as the Network Operations Center, the NOC.

With a tools set and processes, the NOC is a service that monitors and prevents network incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has highly specialized IT professionals.

Read the full article and understand why the NOC is becoming a business model that brings differentials to companies in productivity and competitiveness terms.

Access the link here or see the text, in full.

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