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NapIT – Network Solutions, a Brazilian company specialized in corporate network consulting and IT solutions integration, announces a merger with Codi.Mobi, software solutions developer.

Based on strategic objectives, companies will unite competencies to provide infrastructure solutions and develop applications, aiming at consolidation in the Internet of Things (IoT) segment. With the merger, investment of at least two years is planned in the new integrated products development, as well as corporate participation exchanges. Separately in 2014, NapIT is expected to grow 40% compared to the previous year, and Codi.Mobi must achieve 60% growth. Together, the expectation for 2015 is to move R$ 20 million.

All the initiatives carried out by NapIT in recent months, such as the renowned professionals hiring, a greater presence in the media, a strong performance in the Rio-São Paulo axis and a constant focus on innovation, reinforced the focus on providing differentiated service to customers, focusing on the portfolio quality and specialization. In the services line, in addition to the network tuning, NapIT’s flagship car, the company starts to act with applications tuning, bringing innovation and competitive differential to the market. Infrastructure and development solutions are added to the portfolio; content and collaboration platforms such as Microsfot Sharepoint; and Cloud platforms like AWS and Azure.

According to NapIT‘s chief operating officer, Rodrigo Alabarce, the merger with a software development company that has renowned professionals and robust structure represents a breakthrough in the market for coding, tuning applications and Internet of Things.

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