[eBook] Practical guide for your business to have an efficient wireless network

Find out what your company needs to have an efficient wireless network

Nowadays, a large company that does not have an efficient wireless network is losing money. On the other hand, achieving high Wi-Fi performance is not always that easy: few companies know what it takes to plan and set up a wireless connection.

With that in mind, we present our eBook, the “PRACTICAL Guide for your business to have an efficient wireless network“. Written by Klaus Engelmann, Nap IT Network Engineer, this material provides a complete overview on Corporate Wireless and how you can bring the best market practices into your company.

Practically Efficient Wireless Network

Having a high performance network, the starting point is to understand the main concepts and possibilities that surround Corporate Wireless.

The greatest goal of our Practical Guide is precisely this: take to you and your team everything that involves Wi-Fi. Among the highlights, check out:

  • What you need to know about Wireless Networks
  • Different Wi-Fi types
  • How to plan an efficient network (in large companies)
  • Tips for having a more stable and reliable wireless connection

Download it now!

Ensure more knowledge and opportunity for your team. With this Practical Guide, your company will have an efficient and more up-to-date wireless network!

Download our eBook now and check it out!

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