Illustrated Successful Case | Major Fashion Retailer Saves 240,000 After Implementing Network Tuning

Download the material and learn how NAP IT prevented the company from investing in new technologies with the network tuning help.

The company was slow in its network infrastructure, impacting several critical systems, and already had plans to invest in new equipment.

Against this backdrop, Nap IT – Global Network Solutions was hired for its expertise in corporate network consulting and solution integration. In a 16-hour consultancy, Nap IT applied the Network Tuning methodology, identified the problem, and reconfigured the equipment.

Eliminating problems

The study evaluated that the Network Switch Core was using 80% of the processing capacity, slowing the other systems.

What an ILLUSTRATED SUCCESSFUL CASE about Network Tuning is

We have developed easy-to-read and readable material for you to understand the work process for solving a large company technology challenge.

The material brings the following topics:

  • Challenges;
  • Methodologies used;
  • Process strategies;
  • Technologies used;
  • Results;
  • What our customer says.

Do you want to know what were the other notes, the methodologies used, the strategy and also the results? So download the illustrated material we have prepared on this success story!

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