Illustrated Successful Case | Fraport guarantees free wireless at Fortaleza and Porto Alegre airports

Fraport integra soluções Wireless

Download the material and learn how NAP IT delivered 100% wireless coverage within 30 days to Fraport

The German company Fraport took on great challenges by becoming the international airports Pinto Martins in Fortaleza and Salgado Filho in Porto Alegre manager. These included modernizing the infrastructure, achieving 100% free and high-speed wireless network coverage, and adapting integrations to Anac standards to avoid interference with airspace monitoring.

Against this backdrop, Nap IT – Global Network Solutions was hired for its expertise in corporate network consulting and solution integration. The project had a 90-day deadline for project delivery and the goal of improving airport ratings in the customer satisfaction ranking.

Eliminating problems

When analyzing the network environment, it was found that until then there was no free Wireless network, but an internet connection service available only to subscribers, with weak signal service and constant drops.

Decisions had to be made and changes made to deliver 100% coverage to more than 20,000 connected users simultaneously at each of the airports.

The work schedule has been adjusted and the solution delivered within 30 days, providing environmental analysis, diagnostics, equipment selection and integration, and ensuring that the signal follows the most stringent international standards.


We have developed easy-to-read and readable material for you to understand the work process for solving the technology challenge of a large company.

The material brings the following topics:

  • Challenges;
  • Methodologies used;
  • Process strategies;
  • Technologies used;
  • Results;
  • What our customer says.

Do you want to know what were the other notes, the methodologies used, the strategy and also the results? So download the illustrated material we have prepared on this successful story!

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