Information Security: Is your company ready for it?

Currently, Information Security has become essential within the companies strategies so that they have their processes continuity. But it still has the winning challenge of a place on the organizations board

Information Security (IS), as a commercial activity, has certainly come a long way in the last decade, compelled by the Internet increasing use and by the facility, perhaps it is read vulnerability, with which the information can be divulged to the public. Several factors have contributed to the Information Security maturation, allowing it to operate in style, aligned with business and services within organizations, whether in the public or private sector. We also know that in this area there is no space for amateurs or errors, since the unsafe systems consequences are devastating to the company’s image and to its financial systems.

Information Security Challenges and dialogue with the board

The challenge for security experts is to develop a permanent dialogue with the company board on the Information Security importance in the organizational goals context. After all, putting crates on windows after the theft is the same as approving an Information Security budget after your company has been hacked by a group of hackers or information activists, for example. In current times, information is the global enterprise engine, so Information Security is key to identifying, managing or even mitigating business risks. The company’s pressing needs, fueled by huge scandals caused by the information leakage, gave room for the market to regulate and international laws and standards, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and ISO 17799, emerge to the board agendas and the organizations top executives.

Daily need for Information Security

Increasingly, users are awakening to the need to be and receive security in their information, making public-facing organizations reinforce their policing of privacy policies. The corporate imperative for Information Security is gaining momentum as more companies outsource their operations and make mobility their premise for subsistence. It is possible to observe that the most “effective” organizations in the Information Security field tend to demonstrate three very latent characteristics: a) First, they are driven by results instead of activities – no money, no love; b) Secondly, the Information Security credibility is directly related to how much the company is “its risks aware”. A realistic risk assessment provides investments in the right measure, never less than expected – Information Security is an evangelization work. Educate to protect; c) Finally, they are committed to independent evaluation and compliance standards; in many mature organizations, Information Security operates any IT structure independently, reporting directly to the company board – Independence and isonomy are imperative to Information Security, especially when internal audits.

Risk management

Convinced that Information Security plays a key role in the operational risk management team, many organizations are restructuring, ensuring Information Security is responsible not only for digital corporate security but also for physical threats and problems related to brand fraud. Obviously, Information Security should not only have a plan in place to respond to ordinary incidents and threats, but it must be prepared to take long-term measures proactively by shielding the company from future threats so that it will maximize business, with low disruption risk. Ultimately, Corporate Information Security must be effectively integrated and aligned with the company’s strategy, objectives and, most importantly, the company’s business. For Information Security to get its seat on the board of the company, first of all, must speak the business language in a persuasive way. Not just demonstrate, but persuade the board about all the tangible dividends that a strong security strategy will bring to your environment and your business.

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