IT Inside: Nap IT and Codi.mobi join operations and start working on IoT projects

Nap IT – Network Solutions, a Gaucho consulting services company focused on corporate networks and IT solutions integration, announces the merger with Codi.Mobi, a software solutions developer.

In a statement, the companies say they will join operations to provide infrastructure solutions and develop applications, targeting consolidation in the “Internet of Things” (IoT) segment.

With the merger, investments of at least two years are foreseen – the value was not revealed – in the new integrated products development, besides the corporate participation exchange, in which Nap IT will have 80% of the business and Codi.mobi, with the remaining 20%. The expectation is that, with the joint operation, the billing reaches R$ 20 million already this year.

All the initiatives carried out by Nap IT in recent months, such as the professionals hiring, strengthening the Rio-São Paulo axis and focus on innovation, were aimed at preparing the company merger, which also offers network tuning and tuning services applications.

According to the Nap IT operational director, Rodrigo Alabarce, the merger with a company specialized in software development, represents a step towards the market for coding, tuning applications and Internet of Things. “Recently, we have increased our portfolio with structured cabling and monitoring services, and with the merger we will immediately offer our customers services related to the development of applications. Codi.mobi is a company that adds value, because it has speed in the innovations and quality in the products delivery. Together, we will accelerate and boost our companies growth”, he emphasizes.

Codi.mobi’s chief technology officer, Éderson Frozi, explains that the financial resources received from Nap IT will be used to implement the solutions created by Codi.mobi within the existing Nap IT clients and in the new Internet-of-Things related products development from Codi.mobi..

With the merger, company names will still be maintained until at least the next year, but the standardizing brand identity process, which adopts the Nap IT standard, has already begun. The companies’ sales teams, however, will act together in the infrastructure provision and development services. About 30 professionals will be part of the group and will work at the Nap IT headquarters in Porto Alegre, but São Paulo office participation is expected to gain more weight in the operation. For this year, it is planned to open a branch in Rio de Janeiro.

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