Successful Case | Nap IT conducts Site Survey at 10 AB-Inbev offices in Europe

Site Survey aplicado na AB-INbev

See how the Nap IT team applied Ekahau Site Survey to generate this result in a short time.

In order to standardize wireless network access in 10 offices across Europe, AB-Inbev, formed in 2004 by the Belgian Interbrew and Ambev Brewery merger, called Brazilian company Nap IT to do this work.

The partnership came after a prominent performance at Nap IT at the Brewery Ambev de Jaguariúna factory in São Paulo.

But to work on the European continent, the Nap IT team had to overcome a big challenge: meeting the goal within just two working days in each of the offices, from the westernmost countries like Spain and England, even countries further to the eastern region, such as Ukraine and Russia.

In all offices, the scope and Nap IT core mission were divided into five steps:

  1. Map the entire infrastructure and understand how the wireless network works by location;
  2. Identify which elements may present or present problems;
  3. Identify existing wireless infrastructure and check its compatibility with user requirements and demands;
  4. Have visibility into the problems and user complaints root causes;
  5. Suggest and develop a best practice manual for high performance wireless networking, containing settings and adjustments for troubleshooting indications.

In order to arrive at this diagnosis, Nap IT applied the Ekahau Site Survey, which is an environment analysis methodology to monitor and identify wireless network failures and nonconformities.

Klaus Engelmann, Network Engineer at Nap IT, commented on the result achieved:

“By applying Site Survey today, offices have broad insight into the positioning of their equipment, streamlining identification and resolution in the connection failures event and failures. In addition, inventory control can be optimized so that the wireless network performs better in voice and video applications. ”

Do you want to know more details about working at Nap IT to achieve the goal set by AB-Inbev? Then, access the full success case published in the Decision Decision Portal.

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