Nap IT expands team to Chile unit

Network Engineer Omar Aguirre arrives to meet Nap IT customer demands in South American countries

Serving customers through a highly qualified team is a premise for Nap IT in all regions where it operates. To this end, the company announces Omar Aguirre’s hiring as Network Engineer for the Chilean unit. Among his duties, the professional is responsible for projects with direct performance in client network administration for Chile, Argentina, Peru and Paraguay  region.

According to Suelen Ramiro, Nap IT’s commercial team leader, the engineer has experience with companies in the region and brings a very advanced technical level, which adds value to the service of companies.

In its business model in international markets, Nap IT operates with three services types: outsourcing, placing professionals in the client’s environment; remote solutions, where you can efficiently and quickly meet customer demands; and services with face-to-face services, which are usually focused on larger projects and require specialists to act according to the project characteristics.

“With Aguirre’s arrival we expect him to bring a clear and expert view of the customer’s networking environment, considering delivering even broader services. The whole process will help Nap IT improve our customers’ experience”, says Suelen.

Omar Aguirre: Focus on Network Platforms

Omar Aguirre holds a degree in Business Administration from Duoc UC of Chile and Engineering in Connectivity and Networking.

He brings over eight-year experience in the technology market and stints at companies such as IT Trust, where he was responsible for managing project implementation; and Banco Ripley, in charge of maintaining the company’s network platform continuity. He has Cisco SSFIPS and SSFAMP certifications for information security, and Ruckus Wise for wireless.

For Omar Aguirre, being part of the Nap IT team represents an opportunity to grow professionally with the engineers team that brings great professional differentials. “I also have new challenges and purposes to pursue at Nap IT. One of the main ones for my career plan is winning new Cisco certificates, which are already underway”, concludes the engineer.

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