Nap IT is certified by Paessler on NOC solution

Monitoramento de Rede

Certified Monitoring Expert enables in-depth PRTG technology knowledge to deploy Network Monitoring Management Services – NOC

One of the main corporate market needs today is to have the network environment running uninterruptedly and at high performance. But with so many strikes against security systems and the complexity of integrating between different technologies, the network can be vulnerable to both attacks and failures, compromising business productivity.

Faced with this scenario, the Network Operations Center (NOC) has become essential for companies to prevent network incidents and keep technologies working to their full potential. And it is to offer an experts team for NOC solutions that Nap IT announces the “Certified Monitoring Expert”, achievement specialization for Paessler‘s PRTG Network Monitor technology. The specialization also gives Nap IT the Silver on Trial partnership level with Paessler.

NOC Technology Highlights

By integrating the NOC solution into a network environment, the tool analyzes technologies and predicts incidents. With the diagnostics, Nap IT can remediate remotely or indicate customer improvements on contracts up to 24X7.

The PRTG features:

  • Maps and dashboards through which you can view the network and have real time information;
  • Distributed monitoring in different locations and separate networks within the company;
  • Report generation with numbers, statistics and graphs;
  • Automatic Failover Clustering;
  • Multiple user interfaces.

Professionals who guarantee highly specialized services

According to Debora Pires, Nap IT’s Network Operations Analyst and Paessler’s certified PRTG Network Monitor technology expert, the in-depth technical knowledge of the PRTG solution for NOC gives the professional complete mastery over all the features the tool provides, and about the technologies to be monitored within a network environment. With certification, Debora can offer broad insight into network environment health consulting by discussing architectural and support options.

“Being a certified professional is always a differentiator, because in addition to mastering the tool it is possible to meet customer needs, from a NOC integration project to environmental analysis. It enables Nap IT to deliver redundant, high-performance network infrastructure so there is no disruption to customer operations”, says the analyst.

NOC team differentials

For Klaus Engelmann, Network Engineer and head of the NOC segment at Nap IT, with this new NAP IT certification, the customer has yet another agile and assertive support assurance in the security and performance management of their networks. “It is an added assurance for customers that their problems will be solved through the work of a team that offers best practices in PRTG technology”, says the expert.

Engelmann also points out that companies are very focused on their core business while striving for the company’s network environment best performance and security. Therefore, network monitoring is an essential service for the corporate market. It offers an outsourced services model and advantages such as more competitive costs and freeing up internal IT staff to focus on business and enterprise innovation.

“Being an integrator specializing in network monitoring technology opens up a possibilities range, especially when the team is certified, such as the partnership between the Nap IT experts team and Paessler certifications, which brings even more. relevance and opportunities for new business”, concludes the engineer.

NOC is already part of the using technologies within companies culture, either with allocated services or outsourced services. It allows a constant look at your network environment health.

Do you want to know more about NOC? Then schedule a conversation here with one of NAP IT’s experts.

Take a look at our NOC eBook – 7 answers to transforming your Network monitoring, understanding how to speed up technology troubleshooting and prevent new incidents.


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