Decision Report: Nap IT secures mobility at Sanofi’s new headquarters

With the challenge of creating an interconnected network on a 9-floor-building company. NAP IT worked in the consulting and assistance project guaranteeing the employees’ connection quality and safety

Thinking about the life quality oof its 1500 employees and the its company suitability to global sustainability standards, Sanofi, a multinational pharmaceutical company, started a bold project. The idea was to simultaneously transfer all employees to the new Brazilian headquarters. Thus the employees were allocated to a 9-floor-building located in São Paulo.

Knowing the project and the Nap IT’s contribution

It was then that Nap IT came in to assist in this endeavor. Among the challenges presented were the need for a quality wireless internet throughout the company area. We also care about communication links and especially network security.

Luis Lhullier, Nap IT Chief Technology Officer, highlights some of the points regarding the Wireless implementation in the project:

“Before, the employees were spread in several buildings and they had 80% of the productive area space covered by wireless. In the new project, we implemented coverage in 100% of the area, with a reliable, fast and quality network to support business decisions. ”

By using quality assurance programs and adapting the company’s needs to the building structure, it was possible to achieve this goal and ensure that all global and regional quality standards were in place.

Know more about the success story by reading the article published by Portal Decision Report.

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