Network infrastructure: connectivity for your business

What does network infrastructure have to do with your business? Integrated technologies ensure connectivity between the company and its customers, enable continuous processes and expand the opportunity for growth

For medium and large companies, connectivity is responsible for streamlining the employees communication between departments and branches and, in general, guarantees the processes execution that support the core business. But when the technologies that support connectivity are not meeting the company’s demand, it is inevitable, communication and internal processes stall. You can notice that in your company is also so. Often, the network infrastructure seems to be in full operation but does not respond to the team needs. It may be related to the network equipment configurations, including those that are intended for the accelerating data traffic function, which, when integrated, require high knowledge to apply the appropriate and specific configurations that provide the applications and corporate systems correct functioning. Understand how network infrastructure can bring benefits to your business:

Economy: broadband cost

Connectivity via Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), or collaborative solutions, guarantees your business new business opportunities, so there should be no bottlenecks. The equipment that makes up the network infrastructure in addition to optimizing the WAN network, also softens costs related to the purchase of broadband. Without these devices, when your company integrates new applications into the network infrastructure, it usually requires the hiring of more broadband megabytes

Sales: autonomy for the team

The WAN network high performance will give more autonomy and agility to the salesmen who go to the field. Many professionals use mobile devices in these activities – even in isolated locations with little or no wireless network infrastructure – and when they close a deal, sending the contract immediately speeds up the whole process of completing the sale. This mobility, integrated with the WAN network, benefits both the executive and the seller highest level, who can use an application on their smartphone to check inventory and sell, for example.

Agility: traffic optimization

In the accelerating process of data traffic, if your company has a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, it must have priority traffic, since its function is to streamline processes essential to the company business. Therefore, it does not make sense to let employees have access to entertainment sites, for example, while the company’s vital activities are acting slowly. Accesses balancing will optimize the activities that deserve to find free traffic for the transactions. With a well-configured network infrastructure, you can optimize critical system traffic and leave those that do not impact the company’s business without priority.

Communication: network conference

Collaboration solutions, such as instant message, audio and videoconferencing, provide an integrated environment that brings business benefits. They allow network conferencing among their employees even when out of the office, saving time and reducing travel costs and cooperation with

Green IT. But, from all the advantages, these tools can be accessed from a mobile device where the professional is, ensuring an instant communication between the employees, facilitating the decision making.

Return on investment

You may wonder what the return on investment is in network acceleration and collaboration solutions. Many of these values ​​are intangible, but others are clear to be perceived. Information technology, when well integrated and configured, provides facilities for your company to increase productivity, process management, governance, and all the steps necessary for business to move to success. When we think about network acceleration, we soon imagine critical company applications (SAP, RH, IRS, etc.) being accessed quickly, without slowing down the user. Now, when it comes to not losing ground and air travel, not counting the expenses involved and the cost of everyone involved in the trip, the best way out is to enable collaborative solutions. Of course, if the numbers are punctuated, the return on investment is guaranteed. Read also: Network analysis: The principle for high performance


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