Network sniper: assertiveness in network diagnostics

Every minute that your company network stands still, damages are adding up. The highly qualified professional vision is essential to identify the problems behind the vulnerabilities in the shortest possible time

For the IT area, it is not easy when the network infrastructure is failing or when the systems crash, stopping all the company processes. If you have ever experienced any of these cases you know that, in addition to all the inconvenience that the downfall brings, you still have to face a ‘War Room’ where IT managers and senior management are desperate, wanting to know the reason for the problem and who will solve it quickly and assertively.

All the nervousness is understandable when you realize that the period when your company is disconnected from the network will result in its activities interruption, the productivity loss and, consequently, losses. The damage can be related to the production line interruption, to the documents processing, or even to a e-commerce fall. In this case, in addition to financial loss, your company will still have your brand reputation being evaluated by customers.

In front of with this situation, all your business wants is to find a professional who can remedy the problem as quickly as possible. And that’s a Network Sniper role.

Network Sniper

(S)He is a network infrastructure sniper who puts his entire experience and technique into practice to quickly identify the problem in order to have the least possible impact on the processes. Before you pull the trigger, it analyzes and maps all the aspects that make up the scenario. For it, among this professional attributes are the knowledge, technology domain and the experience to understand the environment as a whole.

In order to arrive at a diagnosis, the Network Sniper will evaluate the symptoms and understand if the problem is isolated or if it is impacting the whole network, through some questions, such as:

  • At what point did the symptoms appear?
  • Were users accessing a specific program when the network stopped?
  • Is there a risk of being a navigation bug?


Even if your company director is asking for a quick action and pressing the professional to see if (s)he is on the right target, a Network Sniper will have the balance to ignore the hostile environment and maintain its position on the need for thorough scrutiny.

Have you ever imagined having your problems solved in a matter of minutes?

The Network Sniper‘s decision-making will build on your knowledge and the diagnosis accuracy will ensure that it reaches a solution, sometimes in a minute matter. (S)He surveys, makes decisions, and applies the improvements at the right time. This work requires planning, observation, intelligence and assertiveness, as well as all the technologies high knowledge that connect to the network, such as databases, servers and applications.

In making the incident diagnosis, the Network Sniper is taking a risk, but is confident that it is giving the right shot.

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