Network Tuning: The Network Compressor Problems

Find out how Network Tuning can maximize a company’s work, identifying failure points, downtime, and sluggishness, while delivering cost savings. See the Alexsandro Reimann’s case, network engineer at Nap IT.

Reducing costs and maximizing processes within an operation are surely two of any company primary goals.

But these challenges must be achieved in a stable and transparent way for the organization.

Technology is a great way to get optimization within companies. But whoever thinks that to achieve this optimization is necessary to invest in a new infrastructure, full of new and imported boxes.

This is the Network Tuning advantage, which acts as a network problems roller. It is through this that the optimizing the performance process of the network infrastructure begins.

And to show how this proposal works, the Nap IT Blog brings today another text from the Tuning Masters series, with the successful case lived by Alexsandro Reimann, network engineer and Network Tuning specialist at Nap IT.

Network issues: mischief hidden in detail

Foi esse o cenário encontrado por Reimann em uma companhia do setor financeiro, que atende as principais redes varejistas do país.

It was the scenario Reimann found in a financial-sector company that serves the nation’s top retailers.

With the network unstable, the operation was unable to process sales from customers’ stores agilely – which could lead to inconsistent data and losses on all sides.

Addressing these shortcomings, the Nap IT expert conducted a thorough scan to identify data network errors.

Until then, the company’s idea was to change the entire network infrastructure, which would require a lot of time and cost. But Reimann discovered that none of it was necessary.

From a thorough analysis, the engineer concluded that the solution to the problem was the system general reconfiguration, especially the links and protocols that linked the different servers and network controllers.

Alexsandro Reimann: The Network Tuning process generates economy and agility

In order to solve the situation, the engineer used the essential applying Network Tuning way. This included:

  • Data and environmental requirements complete collection;
  • The equipment and services reconfiguration, using the segment best practices;
  • Environment and network performance monitoring, in a general and detailed manner;
  • The continuous improvement proposal development, with suggestions to further optimize performance.

“Following this step-by-step, in less than a week we were able to evaluate the environment and propose a repair form that would balance the client’s operation without making new investments in structure”, says Reimann.

Altogether, in less than 15 days, the reconfiguration process was finished and the network showed no further instability.

Thus, another Nap IT customer can see how Network Tuning can generate savings, results and innovation!

Do you want to know more about Tuning Networks and apply this technique in your company? Talk to one of our consultants and find out how to streamline your business in practice!

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