Slowdown and instability in your network infrastructure?

Network Tuning customizes technologies installed in the network infrastructure so that they operate with high availability and remain stable and secure

The IT area of ​​many companies simply despairs when the network infrastructure is sluggish and instability. That is because, these problems are already directly associated with the imminent investments need with the equipment exchange by other more powerful. But it is not always the ideal solution for performance problems.

For network optimization, your company can rely on Network Tuning techniques, which will customize already installed technologies and make them able to operate with the maximum of available performance. The Network Tuning application facilitates in network optimization processes by two main factors: it reduces consulting and operating time and minimizes new technologies acquisition costs.

We live this experience when we consult in a large Brazilian store chain in the clothing segment. The network infrastructure was slow and impacted in the processes of the various stores spread throughout Brazil, to the point that the company is providing CAPEX (capital investment) for the new equipment purchase.

But before there was this investment, we came in with a consultancy to identify the network real problem. We apply the Network Health Check methodology, which uses best practices in the technology market to do a more in-depth network analysis and find the root of the problem.

The company’s network infrastructure consisted of a Core Network Switch, located in its Data Center, and was responsible for connecting four Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) links, three system servers used by the Distribution Centers and various devices which served the other localities. In just two consulting days (16 hours), this study evaluated that the Network Switch Core, due to configuration problems, was using 80% of the processing capacity and taking the other systems to the slowness.

In addition, the Switch was discarding around 60 billion packets, something that does not happen in a healthy IT environment. In short, the information that did not reach the recipients had to be retransmitted, causing the equipment overload and, consequently, the high processing consumption.

The Network Tuning allowed adjustments in equipment configuration, reducing consumption from 80% to 10% of processing and making the network more stable, secure and available. The new configuration benefited the product pre-separation areas, which run in the Distribution Centers, and brought high performance to the

financial, payroll and CRM systems. The e-commerce sector was also benefited by the greater availability of access delivered to the customer.

This successful case is a company example that associates the slowness to the new equipment purchase. But we have shown that it is always good to do an environmental analysis to make sure that technologies are not being underutilized.

Also in this company case, after consulting, part of the investment that would be destined to purchase new equipment was directed to other improvements such as the quality assurance of projects (Quality Assurance).

A slow and instable problem may be occurring on your network at this time. It all starts with the perception that the network is offering a moderate performance level, however, the transactions accumulation to be completed after a certain time leads to the apparent company’s productivity reduction.

Stay tuned to your company’s network infrastructure behavior. Their high performance is as important as the planning smooth running, and together they contribute to their business evolution.

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