Decision Report: Souza Cruz bets on web application platform

Souza Cruz has signed a contract with Codi.mobi to support and develop Sharepoint technology.

With a web application platform, Sharepoint technology will offer collaboration for document sharing and will allow Souza Cruz to perform better project management.

The ideal Sharepoint technology model was designed by Codi.mobi based on a deep analysis carried out in Souza Cruz – Assessment – environment, which resulted in several technologies improvements. The main areas that benefited from the project were Product Center, Data Center, IT Services and IT Planning, which will count on support and development of new functionalities.

For the managers Heitor Hendges (Data Center) and Matheus Ferreira (Product Center) areas, Codi.mobi presented proactivity in the diagnosis generated by the Assessment and improvements aimed at agility and greater performance in the processes carried out, mainly in their areas. “A collaborative environment helps faster decision making and more coordinated teamwork. With teams working in several states and countries, the availability of such an environment is very important”, says Ferreira.

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