Successful Case: Souza Cruz in the Southern Cone with the Network Operation Center (NOC)

NOC - Network Operation Center

Check out the results that the Network Operation Center (NOC) generated for Souza Cruz, which now integrates the same solutions in Southern Cone countries.

Identifying major communication system failures and make adjustments before new problems occur. It was with these goals that Souza Cruz once again counted on services at Nap IT, now with the Network Operation Center (NOC).

It is not today that the partnership between companies generates great results for the leader in the national tobacco market. Nap IT has supported Souza Cruz operation on several points, applying, for example, the Collab Assessment on 11 sites infrastructure and the WAN Assessment and LAN Assessment services.

With the NOC integration, Souza Cruz’s goal was to have visibility and all equipment remote management, with specialized service for incident resolution.

In the first three operation months alone, the monitoring applied answered approximately 120 different calls, anticipating network incidents.

Klaus Engelmann, Network Engineer at Nap IT, explained in a practical way the result achieved:

“Souza Cruz already knew our work and the NOC delivery only reinforced the quality that Nap IT’s expert body could offer. Not surprisingly, we are already working to replicate this monitoring and management system for Southern Cone units in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. ”

Do you want to check all the results that NOC generated for Souza Cruz? Then, go to the success story published on the Computerworld Portal.

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