ComputerWorld: I migrated my data center to the cloud. And now, am I sure?

Lucas Chies, Nap IT Cloud Computing Engineer, explains how appropriate configurations can ensure the security of the migration from a data center to the cloud Cloud services are increasingly being used by businesses. This is a fact. But how can you make sure your data is completely secure, for example, when a company decides to […]

Computerworld Portal: What 10 seconds can represent for your company?

As the world is getting more connected and faster, know that 10 seconds can represent damages or can be a big deal for your company. Is your IT infrastructure stable, reliable, redundant, streaming, and 24/7? If not yet, it’s best to rush and making your corporate network flawless. These systems need to be capable of […]

IT Forum 365: Tuning applied to computer networks

Approach prioritizes network acceleration and optimization for performance tuning rather than adding physical resources that require technical supply and logistics teams Even with daily news about technological innovations, the companies IT infrastructure is increasingly being treated as a commodity. It is due to the access level to equipment, which makes the strategic and competitive differential, […]