Folha de Pernambuco: Telepresence ten years later!

In an article published by the Pernambuco newspaper, Erik Ramos, Nap IT Network Engineer, talks about the Telepresence evolution The technologies for distance communication are constantly evolving, seeking to serve the companies without impacting their meetings productivity. Among these technologies is Telepresence, which is now accessible to any size companies, giving to their employees an […]

eBook: Videoconferencing: Technology Avoids Travels and Connects Teams

In addition to saving time and money with executive shifts, videoconferencing provides companies with agility in decision-making For companies that need to bring together teams of collaborators, vendors, and customers that are geographically dispersed, the question often arises: whether to fund travel to meet agendas or invest in videoconferencing solutions? Today, videoconferencing solutions allow professionals […]