[Video] Network Tuning for Telepresence: well-configured meeting

See how to optimize your distance meetings using the maximum performance of your technology infrastructure

Are you one of those who still think that Telepresence is a very expensive and complicated option to transform your company’s communication?

If so, you’d better check out this video from Nap IT on the application of Network Tuning for Telepresence. Watch it:

Network Tuning for Telepresence: using the structure to the maximum

New videoconferencing equipments are bringing a variety of features to improve executive productivity, both in time and in terms of faster decision making.

In order to adopt these systems, however, it is no longer necessary to have many investments and transformations in the operation. Especially if your company has the telepresence solutions proper configuration.

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This is the fundamental concept of Network Tuning: evaluate and identify the setup most adjusted to your company’s daily routine, taking advantage of the maximum potential of the link, network and equipment already in place.

Watch the Nap IT video and see how the Telepresence Networking Tuning can help your business to:

  • Reduce the cost of purchasing equipment;
  • Improve the connection of your meeting room without impacting the office;
  • Have high quality audio and video with stable transmission;
  • Optimize the experience of distance meetings.

Check it out now what we do and why we can help your operation gets the most out of TelePresence!

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