Ceitec: Bid identifies cloud solution for e-mail security

Nap IT indicates Cisco solution to replace obsolete technology and ensure email security and communication efficiency

In order to protect its messages against spam, viruses and other types of threats, the National Center for Advanced Electronic Technology (Ceitec) operated with an E-mail Security appliance, until the equipment was losing its warranty and about to be discontinued by the manufacturer. In view of this scenario, the company intended to change the solution, but because it is linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCIT), it had to make a bid to identify the best solution and cost for the new acquisition.

Nap IT was this competition winner, offering a practical, quick and easy implementation. One of the ways to find the best solution was to meet the email technological needs, without causing major impacts on the employees and your business routine as a whole.

Choice of solution in the cloud

After technical consulting on the client, Nap IT suggested the adoption of a solution in the cloud, rather than new equipment purchase. The proposal was made up of the integration of the Gateway E-mail Security IronPort C100v, from Cisco, a virtual machine with anti-spam and anti-virus systems functions, applicable to all e-mail communications.

The first step in the project implementation was the request to extend the use licenses to the installed hardware equipment manufacturer for another 15 days – when the Nap IT team would receive the new solution. This stage represented this project biggest challenge, since it was necessary to give Ceitec certainty that the guarantee of the old supplier would be extended, allowing the work execution.

After this phase, the entire deployment process and e-mail migration services for the cloud solution were accomplished in just one day by Nap IT, while Ceitec’s IT staff was responsible for customizing the solution, according to your needs.

Added value

With the Gateway E-mail Security application, Ceitec had a totally virtual environment advantage, with the maximum of functionalities in execution. And the cost savings guarantee, since the solution in the cloud does not require hardware installed in the customer’s technological environment, resulting in lower power consumption.

In this project, Nap IT offered its services and solutions to Ceitec within the best technology, considering the costs aligned to the budget. More than switching equipment, it was considered the benefits the solution will bring to business.


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