[eBook] Wireless Network High Performance Checklist

Download our Wireless High Performance Checklist for large and mid-sized businesses and find out how to Plan, Install and Manage your enterprise Wi-Fi!

The work to implement and manage a corporate network should be quite different from the Wi-Fi we have at home, right? But it is not always the case: sometimes, medium and large companies also end up leaving plans and rules aside and end up betting on improvised actions without any analysis.

The problem is that in a business operation case, the consequences of investing in an inadequate Wireless structure can be quite disastrous and with serious financial losses.

Thinking about these issues and challenges, Nap IT’s experts team provides the eBook, Wireless Network High Performance Checklist for SMBs with all the key steps to achieving better results with Enterprise Wi-Fi!

How to Have Wireless Networking High Performance in Large and Medium Businesses

In this material, you’ll see how to organize and perform the essential steps to reach the your company’s wireless network maximum performance. Among the highlights, see:

  • How to do structured Wireless Planning within your technology environment;
  • How to run the Wi-Fi managed installation;
  • And what the right way to create the IT Infrastructure Management Process is.

In addition, the eBook reinforces why Site Survey can improve your Network as a key factor in building a network that fits your needs!

Download your Checklist now and enhance your company’s wireless network!

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