EKahau Site Survey: 6 New Differentiated Features for Wireless Integration

Tool has advanced feature differentiators that help IT professionals optimize time analysis on Wi-Fi network projects

For those who need to analyze performance, plan and manage wireless networks, a tool option is the Ekahau Site Survey (ESS), which can be used in new projects or in the environments improvement that already have the configured Wi-Fi network.

Some of the solution functionalities differ in the market and favor the professionals in the time optimization during the performance in projects. Therefore, when choosing between tools like this, it is important to understand these functions application.

Learn about some of the differentials highlighted by Nap IT experts:

Ekahau Feature Differentials

1 – Compatibility

By being compatible with all Wi-Fi solutions available in the market and serving projects of all sizes – indoor or outdoor – Ekahau is recognized as a tool that facilitates wireless network integrations.

2 – Import of maps plans of the network in 3D

Diagramming Site Survey, the tool allows you to import maps and plans of different formats, such as images, PDF files or even Autocad projects.

3 – Dashboard for easy interpretation

It provides simulation and wireless network design capabilities with a range of equipment from a manufacturers variety, both client-side and signal-based (Access

Points). It also provides graphical representation of Survey results and network status prediction in planning a new network.  

4 – Simultaneous analysis

Network analysis, active or passive, can be performed simultaneously. 

5 – Network Expansion Planning

When conducting the Survey or planning a Wireless network, you can use up-to-date environment plans. 

6 – Spectrum Analysis

With this function you can detect and locate non-Wi-Fi interference.

The Wi-Fi Network Survey must be performed in order to go through all the environments that need wireless network coverage.

In order to arrive at an ideal integration model, an analysis is needed on the technologies to be used, in addition to a network specialist vision, who will apply the maximum of the functions that a solution can offer to add value to a project.

*Gustavo Emerim is a  Nap IT Network Engineer.


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